Have you ever felt confused about where to begin and what to actually DO in order to see some changes in your health? Ever been overwhelmed by all the 'good advice' out there and end up giving up and going back to old habits as it just too much to implement at once!


What you need is a ROADMAP. A clear structure and guidance of what the heck to actually focus on .... and what NOT to focus on. So after wracking my brain for the last 6 months, I have finally created a clear roadmap. Having distilled all my knowledge and experience with women down to the four pillars that will help you get to where you want to be and STOP being on and off a 'clean eating' wagon.


I have coined this roadmap as the 'Belly Love Methodology', four-pillar process that is going to help you see some result in your fabulous body- that actually last! I KNOW that the world of health and nutrition can be totally overwhelming and confusing - you can easily find 3 different articles that are going to tell your 3 contradictory things about how to support your IBS ..... So I wanted to add a BIG dose of CLARITY to everyone in my community be showing you the four most important things to consider if you are serious about feeling more awesome.


In this episode I talk about:

  • what you gut has to do with your sex hormones and belly fat
  • the reason diets don't work long-term
  • the basic principles around what to actually eat
  • why your mood and mental health depend on your gut
  • why we ALL need to support our digestion whether or not we have digestive issues.


And if you are ready to sort out your belly, your relationship with food and create habits that are sticker than raw honey - the make sure you join me for my Beat the Bloat Challenge & Workshop!

Join the Workshop & 5-Day Challenge HERE

>> Kicks off Wednesday 27th June <<


I am going to be hosting an indepth training workshop and then following it up with a 5-day challenge to help you implement the things you need to do to see MASSIVE shifts in your body - ASAP!


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This is something that I just HAD to talk about. Sure its a bit of a messy, confusing, loaded topic but there was something in my spirit that said - this is the time to talk about this.


And when it comes to a weird and wonderful relationship with food, I could win a prize. I joined my first diet club when I was 11 years old and I share more about my 'dieting' journey and indoctrination to all things calories and 'weekly weigh-ins' in the podcast. It has taken me a good few years to unpick this programming for sure, but weight loss is a really important topic to look at. Mainly because it still really matters to some women and it does impact our health - to varying degrees - but its a damn confusing area isn't it!?


So in this episode, I am looking at

  • My own journey and 'diet culture' indoctrination, that started at age 11
  • Why our weight is not to blame for everything
  • The toxic judgments we have in our culture about overweight people
  • What is excess fat and what it does on the body
  • The impact of weight on your health - how important is it?
  • My views and hesitations about the body positivity movement...
  • What to focus on if you do want to lose weight
  • The 3 questions to ask yourself and the 3 things to 'track' if you want to lose weight (that have nothing to do with scales)


So click the box below to listen and stream from this page or subscribe via Itunes here


I also invite you to join me in my upcoming Beat the Bloat Workshop!!! In this free training and 5-day implementation challenge, I am going to share with you some new training of my 4 pillars to lasting health, a flatter belly and YOU feeling good! So if you're bloated and not in love with your belly (or energy hormones for that matter) then make sure you join me in the workshop.

There 3 different time slots that will suit you and the first workshop kicks off Wednesday 27th June at 8pm which will then be followed up by 5 days of online coaching to help you implement everything you learn in the workshop ;)

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Do you ever feel stuck? You set good intentions at the start of the week/month/year on how to get fitter, eat better, tackle your hormones or bloating...but nothing changes.


I speak to women all the time who are thinking of working with me in my one to one nutrition practice and the common theme is that they're stuck and they have been for a while. Some women I speak to have struggled with heavy painful periods for 25 YEARS! Or have been bloated daily since they can remember. Why? Because they are paralysed, feeling hopeless, have no idea how to begin and trapped by their own thoughts.


So this week we have the wonderful Jane who is an Unstuck Coachjoining us and we are going to unpack how you get can get out of your own way and see some awesome progress in all areas of your life. We talk about:

  • how Jane got unstuck after 25 years
  • my own journey with anxiety and disordered eating and the strategies I've used.
  • Jane's KICSTART method to which it SO incredibly helpful
  • how to bring about LASTING change in your health and eating habits
  • and the fact that you are not your thoughts- perhaps the most favourite topic of our interview.


So make sure you subscribe to my podcast, click above to listen and be in touch via the comments below or message me via Facebookor Instagram! I genuinely love to hear from you and am happy to answer your questions.


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There is one thing I hear time and time again from clients, potential client and women in my Nourish community. 

And that is that they are tired.

Like super tired. And for some many souls, it's not always because of getting rubbish sleep, it's just that they feel SO much more tired than they ever used too. And then that can often lead to sugar cravings, a depending on tea or coffee and increased crappy feelings.

Which is why I wanted to do a deep dive episode into your Adrenals. Whether you've heard the term 'adrenal fatigue'baned round the internet or have no idea what you adrenals are, I am going to tell you everything you need to know about how you adrenal can not only impact your energy but also your weight, sleep, digestion and so much more.

So we are going to look at

  • what your adrenals are and what they do
  • adrenal fatigue - it is real, can you chat with your Dr about it and the term I prefer
  • what it looks and feels like to have 'wonky' adrenals
  • how to support your adrenal and recover
  • simple ways to get your energy back


But how do you know if you have adrenal issues going on? Well I have jsut the answer for you lovely - I created the Gut Goddess Quizto help you get CLEAR on what on earth is going on with your beautiful body.

To take the FREE Quiz and get some tailored advice on how to support your body.


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>>> Click here to take the quiz now <<<

Have you ever gotten so focused, so obsessed with a certain health goal that it's actually become unhealthy, weird and exhausting?Maybe its an athletic goal, a weight loss goal, or for many women the 'goal' of getting pregnant.
I can't tell you how many women I have spoken to that have focus on doing 'everything' perfectly when it comes to their fertility and yet are still struggling.
That is why this week's episode with Fertility Coach Melanie Cowell is so powerful! We dive into to topics that every women needs to hear.
In the episode we talk about
  • masculine and feminine energy- what this means and how it shows up in our lives and healthy journey.
  • Mel's own fertility journey 
  • the para sympathetic state and why most of use struggle with this
  • the power of breathing, pleasure and sleep
  • all the non-nutrition things you can do to support your fertility
  • how to cultivate a 'fertile' mindset
 It really is a very fun conversation and I know you are going to get a lot fo 'ah-ha's' from the wisdom that Melanie shares.
Melanie Colwell is a Fertility Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist who helps women to get pregnant and enjoy stress-free pregnancies and calm births. Her speciality is helping women to eliminate subconscious fertility blocks, reduce stress, and assist their bodies to heal on a deeper level. You can find out more about Melanie and her Fertile Womb Program HERE  or follow her on Facebook here

This episode on the Gut Goddess Show is a little different. 

It's more of a rallying cry. A prompting from my spirit. And a message women DESPERATELY need to hear.

I know in chatting with hundreds of women about there health that one of the biggest obstacles to them seeing the changes and results in their bodies is the inability to put their needs first. They wrap it up in 'serving' or being 'selfless' but really it comes down to fear and low self-worth.

The will pay for there kids ballet classes but not invest in there own health. They will agree to expensive car payments to keep there partner happy. They feel bad about the thought of buying organic butter or milk, or paying for a massage or to see a nutritionist like me. Its an epidemic and it is stopping hundreds of women living there best and fullest and most healthy lives.

And I know the rap oh so well. Years of service and giving taught me to put myself last and I paid the consequences with my health. And I don't want that for you. So in this episode, we talk about 

  • What I mean by being selfish
  • The ripple effect and how it has transformed entire families and communities
  • How years of community work and charity work left me happy in my soul but sick in my body
  • Why you love and serve people the BEST when you're well
  • And how to overcome this crippling mindset when it comes to your health.
  • How you can embrace the #selfishisthenewselfess motto

Its a hot and controversial topic that will get you thinking! And I would love to know what you think as its  a bit of vulnerable episode for me. So either leave a comment below or message me over at Instagram or Facebook.


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Have you ever wondered ' what the heck is going on with my body? '

Ever wondered why you end the day bloated, can't seem to put down that packet of biscuits, or why your hormones cause havoc? 

Maybe you've tried doing various free-from diets or programs, tried some random supplements (cos you read B12 was good for you somewhere!) and still don't feel awesome?

Then lovely  I've got you covered. In this week BONUS episode, I am sharing my brand new quiz which I have handcrafted to help you get a huge dose of Clarity. Where you can find out what is going on with your body, how to listen to it and give it what it needs - so YOU can feel better ASAP.

In this episode I cover the 4 most common 'profiles' I see in the women I work with in my one to one nutrition practice :

  • The bloated goddess, the hormonal goddess, fatigued goddess  or yo-yo goddess
  • I talk about the simple action steps you can take to feel better
  • AND why need to learn to LISTEN to our bodies if we want feel better and brighter




How to listen?

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I LOVED this conversation with Lisa. We met in our business mastermind and she is a Female Health & Holistic Core Restore(R) Coach who supports women with mindset, movement & nutrition, from motherhood to menopause. And we have one juicy conversation.

We talk peeing yourself, getting to know 'down there' and why having a healthy pelvic floor is essential for ALL women - not just pre or postnatal ladies. And this area is something that impacts so MANY women. If you're struggling with continence issue 10 years after giving birth or maybe you've never had a baby but struggling with constant UTI's or incontinence - you are not alone and this episode will empower and educate you to truly heal from the inside out.

In this episode we cover

  • What your 'pelvic floor' means?
  • How poor pelvic floor could be impacted you
  • Why it's not just for pregnant women!
  • How it impacts constipation
  • Orgasms and knowing your body
  • 3 basic daily steps to support healthy pelvic floor

If you love this episode or the podcast in general then PLEASE share it - send a screenshot to your friends, share this post on Facebook - spread the word;) And of course leave a REVIEW on iTunes and if you're not sure how to click here to find out how


Find Lisa's website here

Follow her Facebook here or Instagram here

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How to listen?

First, make sure you subscribe to the podcast here – this means you will automatically get the new episode each week.

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Is 'going gluten-free' a total marketing fad? Is it some weird trend started by people who have it in for bread and quiche? Or is there some research, evidence and real benefit in following a gluten-free diet?


That is what this week juicy podcast episode is all about! In my nutrition online one to one practice, I often get asked about this. And I honestly think going gluten-free can make the WORLD of difference for some people. Is it the be all and end all - the magic solution to every problem you have? Err no.


But in this episode we look at:

    • Some personal updates from me
    • What research is there on a gluten-free diet
    • What specific symptoms and health conditions could benefit from this dietary approach
    • Why and how I run the Gluten-free experiment with 80% of my clients
    • My own story of going gluten-free and those of my clients
    • The 3 biggest mistake people make when trying contemplating going gluten-free
    • Why 'gluten free' labels on food DON'T mean healthy.
    • I also share with you my Ultimate Guide to Going Gluten Free - which you can download here




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Do you struggle with adult acne? You feel like your teenage skin is still causing you problems in your 30's or 40's? And my guess is that you've tried the expensive skin products, maybe going dairy free the odd week and still not gotten anywhere?


Then this episode is for you. With Acne Coach Amy Saunders we are getting geeky and busting some myths around creating clearer skin. In this episode we talk about:

  • how her 'healthy' diet didn't clear her skin
  • why eating more vegetables didn't seem to clear up her skin
  • wasting lots of money on every supplement under the sun and them not making a difference
  • what happened when she started to increase her fat intake
  • discovering a key connection with an everyday toxic chemical (often found in your water!)
  • the importance of emotional health in her clearing up your skin
  • 3 tips for you to clear up your own skin!!


So whether you're struggling with acne or just (like me) want more glowy radiant skin then this episode is for you.


>> Find out more about Amy here and  follow her (awesome account on) Instagram here


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Are you feeling STUCK and overwhelmed in your body? Totally 'googled out' and feel confused about what to actually eat and how to heal? Then make sure you click your free consultation with me here



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