It is no secret round here that I LOVE Christmas. The food, the sparkles, the lounging around in you PJ's after wintery walks - bliss. But what isn't fun is feeling like a big whale or beating yourself up constantly for every mince pie or Twiglet you eat....

So this week I am sharing my 3 strategies for helps you ENJOY your food this Christmas without feeling like a fat failure.

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This week on the podcast I am giving you ALL the goss about life post partum! Think of this episode as a life update where I am sharing the juicy details about:


  • my body 8 week after a baby, the weight gained and how I feel about it
  • 5 things I am loving right now
  • The highs and lows of being a new mum


I am also letting you know more about my 5-Day Mindset Reset Program that is kicking off 1st December. And for one time only it is FREE to join when you purchase the Eat & Be Merry recipe eBook!


In this live online program I am going to share with you the 5 pillars to transforming your relationship with FOOD and you body so that you can truly eat and be merry this festive season.


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This podcast is going to blow your mind. If you struggle to like, never mind love, your body. Struggle to remove yourself from the claws of dieting culture and constantly find yourself stuck back on 'the wagon'. This conversation with Body Acceptance Health Coach Harri Rose will rock your world.

If you know you want and need to love your body more. Know you need to embrace a more intuitive eating approach. And want to ditch the 'noise' around food and finally create a healthy, NORMAL relationship with food and your body. Then please listen to this episode, as Harri shares 3 FABULOUSLY SIMPLE tips on how to make a shift that lasts.


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Resources Mentioned:

  • Should you pay attention to your BMI? Listen HERE
  • The Metrics that MATTER when it comes to your health. Listen HERE
  • Intuitive Eating Book - get it HERE
  • Body of Truth Book - get it HERE




This is part 2 of a mini-series I thought I would run all about 'how she did it'. Because it is easy to chat about all things health, for me to give you tips and changes but HOW do you begin? what is it like and what do you eat instead? So today we are getting to the nitty gritty of how my sister made a huge transition over a year ago to help support her body to heal.

So whether you're thinking of trying out eliminating some foods for health purposes or maybe just trying to implement another habit (like sleeping more, drinking more water, talking nicely to yourself) then this will give you some insight into what LIFESTYLE shifts actually look like...


Resources mentioned

  • Listen to part 1 here about her weight loss journey
  • Take the Gut Goddess Quiz here
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  • Gluten-free: Fad, fact or fiction listen here



This week I am talking about something that I have found to be incredibly helpful for my health but also SO HARD to implement.  Meditation was something I implemented after reading so much about the benefits and learning that my adrenals were 'shot' and I needed to support my nervous system. But it has taken me time to get to grips with it.


In this episode, I  share with you the in and out's to meditation. It is also a super PRACTICAL no-nonsense approach. And trust me, your body, your hormones, your digestion, your skin and your energy will thank you for implementing this practice.


I also included a FREE 3 min meditation at the end of the podcast to be a little sample!


Enjoy ;)

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I thought I would kick off a mini-series asking 'how she did it'.


And this week we are talking about WEIGHT LOSS. How did this week's awesome guest drop a ton of weight (we don't actually know how much as she never weighed herself but see the pictures below) without even focusing that much on it? Without daily weigh-ins, scales, counting calories or feeling crap? 

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(To find out more about our awesome guest *cough* my sister you can check her out over on Instagram as she also works for me in my business as a virtual assistant but basically does all sorts of tasks that keep me and my business running!)


Before & After

Beautiful but feeling BLAH ... to Jess Now




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  • Do the Gut Goddess Quiz HERE
  • The four reasons you're not losing weight HERE
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A few weeks ago I asked you lovely people on Instagram (follow me here) the questions you had, and boy, you guys have some good Q's!!

So this week I am going to do some quick-fire questions on coming off the pill, fatigue in pregnancy, hypothyroidism and more.

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Resources Mentioned

  • Complete the Gut Goddess Quiz here
  • This is the prenatal supplement I have used at different points throughout my pregnancy 
  • Meditation apps: Headspace and Calm
  • Listen to Ep 27 about the importance of preconception care here
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  • 'Everyday' Detox tips - read them here
  • Read more about my pregnancy journey here

Today we have the special privilege of having one fabulous woman join us on the virtual Gut Goddess sofa - Jenna Sinclair.


She is a food blogger and lover of all things FAT over at, Jamie Oliver Food Ambassador and a Positive Existential Life Coach over at (oh and she is also doing her MSc in psychology to boot!)

And in this episode, we talked about

  • how she shifted from severely restricting calories, binging and making herself sick, to now being in the best shape of her life
  • how mindfulness and meditation  has played a big role in her health
  • the power of the mind to transform our reality
  • the placebo effect and why we both love it
  • and so much more...

If you have ever been tempted to restrict your calories and eat only Ryvita then make sure you listen using the app above



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There are a couple of things that I do every day that make a BIG difference to my energy, well being and sense of JOY. They are all pretty simple, not particularly time-consuming but I really notice the difference and decline when I get out of the habit.


So this week on the podcast I am sharing with you my morning routines (pre-baby of course!!), how I sleep, what I make sure I eat and a few other secret weapons that help my body to be strong and resilient. All of them are actionable and easy for you to implement so I highly recommend taking on board ONE THING to help you feel your best.


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This is something I see A LOT in women. They feel crap. Exhausted, depressed, cold and just not quite right. They get some blood test done at the Dr's and it all comes back 'normal'. They think it is maybe in their heads, or they get told it is because they're getting older, have kids or are actually depressed.

But for so many women it can be that their third is not working optimally and the test most commonly done does not provide a thorough picture of thyroid function at all.

So in this episode, I equip you to be your own thyroid NINJA! So that you or friends or family members of your don't have to suffer the average 8-9 years of suffering before they get the diagnosis they need (!!!!).


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