In this episode, I share the 3 main things I did to help ditch my own IBS. I share the big mistakes I see most women make with IBS, why lots of people get 'fobbed off' and an essential approach to take that has nothing to do with what you eat or supplements.

This is a must listen for anyone who struggles with digestive upset and IBS - so make sure you share with anyone you know who has IBS.



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In this episdoe, I share  my own journey from incontinence and diarrhea to ditching the IBS. I specifically talk about why you might have IBS, what test you can do to find out and how I overcame this embarrassing health issue.


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Resources Mentioned

  • Find out more about working with me in my private nutrition practice HERE
  • Read more about the 5 reasons you have IBS HERE
  • Read my guide on how to ditch IBS naturally HERE



The 6 healthy habits that don't take ages but yield BIG results! We all have  lots of things going on in our lives and its so easy to feel 'too busy' to eat breakfast, exercise or eat more veggies. But in this podcast I share with you how you can create healthy habits that last without spending hours and hours.


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  • The Wim Hoff App - HERE (I also mentioned Headspacemeditation app too)
  • The 10-Day Green Smoothie Challenge- start TODAY!
  • Brene Brown documentary - HERE (you need a Netflix account to watch)



Have you ever been told 'everything is normal' but you don't feel normal? Been confused at why you feel awful or 'off' but not known what to do or who to trust? In this episode, I share openly and vulnerable about my own health journey and walking the type rope of seeking excellent medical expertise and also trusting my body and symptoms. How do we do both? How do we advocate for our body and our health safely and effectively?

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What is intuitive eating? What does it look like and do you just end up eating tons of doughnuts?

In this podcast, I share my own journey from binge eating and dieting to becoming an intuitive eater. I also share 9 principles that are the foundation to intuitive eating and the 2 actions steps you can start doing to help you move this way of eating.

I also let you know about my spring consultation offer 'The Sugar Solution' which you can find out more about HERE

Resources mentioned:

  • Interview with Harri Rose - Body Acceptance Coach HERE
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This week I am sharing all the things I am totally into right now! So you can get a sneak peek into the world of a holistic nutritionist - the food, the exercise the books and all the geeky things I do.

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After being diagnosed at depressed 10 years ago and spending a lifetime dealing with anxiety - this is a topic I know well. And it's also something I see in nearly all my private clients. But can the food you eat help? Does it make a difference? And where do you begin?

In this episode I share my own experience and how food helped me over come my own mental health issues. I also focus on how the food we eat impacts our mental health, how we can boost serotonin production and the TWO shifts to make if you are struggling with either of these issues. 

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I both love and hate talking about weight loss. I don't want to be part of the body shaming dieting culture we find ourselves in. But at the same time, I've noticed in working with women that their weight is something really personal and important to them. So can you approach weight loss in a gentle way? In a loving way? (That also actually give you results!)

That is what I am talking about in this weeks episode. I will share with you the tool I recommend to help clients connect and love their bodies more PLUS the 4 super practical and strategic thing you can do to help shift any weight that isn't serving your body.



  • Find out more about working with me one on one HERE
  • Listen to HEREto 'How she did it....lost loads of weight' episode
  • Find out more about the Fabulous Fat Burning Four Food HERE



You will probably fall into one of two categories:

1. Supplements are a waste of time and make expensive wee

2. You buy tons of supplements and have a draw full of ones you don't use don't seem to work.


As a holistic nutritionist, I rely mainly on food to help people heal, but supplements do play a helpful role for many people. So this week in the podcast I am looking at the basic info you need to know about supplementation. ANNNNDDDD the 2 universal supplements I think are safe for most people.



Resources mentioned 

  • Find out why I love vitamin c here
  • Vitamin C options:
    liposomal vitamin C here
    food based vitamin C here
    normal vitamin C powder here
  • Magnesium spray here
  • Epsom salts for baths here
  • Find out about working with me one on one


Life alas is not all fun and games. We all have season in life that feel HARD. Maybe its our circumstances or maybe nothing is 'outwardly' wrong in our  life...but it still feels difficult. And so often we end up binge eating and not looking after ourselves very well.

So I am getting honest in this episode (when do I not?) about what I focus on when life feels hard. These 6 practices share are what I  try to do MORE of when  life feels HARD (which as a very empathetic person is bascically a lot of the time!).



  • My post partum life  & body update - listen here
  • The book I mention The Wild Woman's Way - get it here
  • Do the Gut Goddess Quiz - here
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