If you eat 'perfectly'', exercise regularly and drink all the water BUT don't do this, don't know how or why to do this - then you will see limited results in your energy, belly and overall health.

Yep, this topic is THAT important - I can't believe I've not done a podcast on it so far!

Its something I talk to every client about and during these times it is more important than ever before.

So in this episode, I talk about what I mean by calming your nervous system, why it's important, how it impacts your body and the 6 practical simple and free (and evidence-based) steps you can take to calm it all down.


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  • Listen to an episode I did just about meditation - here
  • Find out more about working with me here
  • Do the gut goddess quiz here
  • Meditation apps: Headspace or Calm or Insight Timer
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Do you turn into a crazy person before your period? Eat mountains of chocolate, feel depressed or super anxious, low or weird? Or maybe you have to stop running or walking too fast as you boobs just hurt or you get ance breakouts?

THAT is what we are focusing on today. This luteal phase of your cycle is often out of balance and it can make us feel miserable. So in order to make our periods our superpowers we NEED to balance out some of the unpleasantness so we can get on with enjoying and living our lives ;)

And in this episode, I show you how and share the 4 things you can do to feel better!


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I am SO EXCITED about this topic.

I truly believe that our menstrual cycle as women (meaning human with XX chromosomes) can be our SUPERPOWER  - when we heal it and learn to utilise it. our culture has told us that bleeding is a weakness, nuisance and something shameful. It isn't. It's a gift.

A radical viewpoint perhaps but I encourage you to listen to this week's episode - its a powerful one and also FUN. You'll learn about what your cycle is, what it's for and the 4 phases and what to do if you don't bleed and even about what the heck the MOON has to do with all this ;)


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There is a lot happening right now. A lot. So how do you protect yourself during this time? That is what we are looking at today in the FULLEST sense of the word. How can you protect your mind, your immune system, your sleep, your 'fun-levels', your thoughts during this time?

All. The. Things.

So if you feel panicked and scared - listen to this podcast.

If you feel annoyed at the hysteria and bulk buying of toilet roll - listen to this podcast ;)


Tired of figurig out your health on your own and getting nowhere? Find out more about working with me here and book your free chat with yours truly ;)



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If I take a step back from my life I realise I am into some pretty weird and geeky stuff, so this week I am going all 'Sound of Music' on you and sharing some of my favourite things.

I am sharing what I am doing to optimise my sleep,  the technology I'm using to support my health goals this year, what I am reading and listening too and all the nosey things!

Enjoy ;)


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  • The grounding sheet I use - here
  • The Oura ring - find out more about the ring here
  • Previous podcast on sleep - here
  • Find out more about working with me here 
  • These are the barefoot running shoes I use - here
  • Listen to the Shagged Married Annoyed podcast here
  • Moment of Lift by Melinda Gates book - here



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Episode 100!!!!! That is over 2+ years of weekly podcasting - so make sure you catch up on some of the most popular episodes that I've linked below.

But today, after recording over 100+ hours of podcasts i have come to some solid conclusions - so when it comes to you feeling good each day here are 5 foundations. In this episode, I share with you what I have distilled from working with hundreds of clients, recording hundreds of fo podcasts (As I've actually been podcasting for 4+ years now!) 


Resources Mentioned

  • Brooke Castillo - Self Coaching 101 book - get it here
  • Listen to the Life Coach School POdcast here
  • Find out more about working with me here
  • Listen to this episode about sleep here


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If I got some raw dark chocolate every time someone asked me how much they should drink, or what are the 'healthiest' beverages to drink, or if wine is good for them - I'd have a lifetime's worth of dark chocolate in my cupboard under the stairs...

Alcohol is a hot topic. It's emotionally charged and often something we feel quite strongly about - so this week in the podcast I am going to bust some alcohol myths and share with you why I recently took a break from drinking alcohol and provide some questions that will help you assess your own relationship with alcohol.

So are you ready to bust some alcohol myths? Let's go!


Tired of feeling tired? The Adrenal & Thyroid Summit is happening on 3rd – 5th March and will give a clear plan on how to naturally get your energy back!

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As far back as I can remember I have experienced high levels of anxiety. Anxiety about what to eat for breakfast, what people will think of me, should I leave the house, what should I wear, will there be a toilet where I am going,  feeling anxious about feeling anxious, worrying if I have a brain tumour ... you get the idea.

So I have now had 32 years of living with this thing we call anxiety - so let's talk about it more. And as it has reared its head in a more forceful way the past 9 months I want to walk you through what I am doing handle the anxiety I experience.


Tired of feeling tired? The Adrenal & Thyroid Summit is happening on 3rd – 5th March and will give a clear plan on how to naturally get your energy back!

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Body image.

It's toughy, isn't it? And as speaking as someone who used to HATE every bit of my body due not only to how it looked but also how it functioned - I know this journey well...and am still on it.

So how do you, and how did I, move from hating my body to then liking it and then loving it? Cos if you're in the thick of it all it can feel slightly impossible to even get to body neutrality never mind body love and respect.

But in this week's podcast, I share with the 4 things that have helped me to shift through the mud and mire of body dislike into a lot more body like ;) 


Tired of feeling tired? The Adrenal & Thyroid Summit is happening on 3rd - 5th March and will give a clear plan on how to naturally get your energy back!

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It's totally common, right? Everyone seems to have tubes of Canesten somewhere at the back of there bathroom cabinet because thrush seems to just be part and parcel of being a woman (although men get it too of course!).

But what if I were to stay that whilst getting thrush regularly might be common - it's not normal. Meaning its not the sign of a healthy gut  (or skin) microbiome if its something you regularly struggle with.

So what's a gal to do about it? Well, that is exactly what I talk about in today's episode where I talk all things thrush! Enjoy ;)


And if you are fed up of being tired, bloated, with wonky digestion (or thrush that is literally very irritating!) then find out more about working with me here and book in your free call so we can chat things through.


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