So this episode feels a little vulnerable as I share with you some of the weird or even seemingly 'extreme' things  I do to support feel GOOD. And these things have nothing to do with food or what you eat. They are some of the lifestyle things I've incorporated to ensure I feel good now but also (hopefully) prevent future disease.


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  • Find out more about Enemas - HERE
  • The Basics of Detoxification - HERE 

This week is all about digestion and how to make it better and what can go wrong with it. I explain 6 ways you can optimise it and why it EVERYONE should focus on making their gut health a whole lot more kick ass!

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Most women I know have taken the contraceptive pill at some point in their life. It's just one fo those things we do either if we don't want to make a baby or if we have some sort of issue with our skin, our cycle or hormones.

But what does it actually do? What impact does it have on the body? And why is it given as the cure-all from PCOS to heavy periods to acne?

That wat we cover in this weeks episode - the good  the bad and the ugly of the pill, so that YOU can make you own informed decision about what is best for your body and health.


Important note: I mentioned post pill infertility in the episode - this is not something substantiated through research and is based on my own anecdotal experience with clients. Research actually shows that the use of the pill does not impact fertility. 


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So after just over four months since birthing a baby it is time for a bit of an update and to share with you how and what I have been focusing on during this recovery period.

Whether you've had a baby or are recovering from some other major life event - be it an operation, period of time off work, a highly traumatic experience - this episode should help you out. I talk about how my mental health has been and my fears around PND , how my body has been physically and my emotions. Along with the key things I set up before birth to make sure  I could recover as best I could.




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With 'veganuary'in full swing and the shops lining up packets of vegan burgers and bites, the big question people are asking is should they go vegan? Is it better for their bodies? Better for the planet? Better for their weight?

Well - spoiler alert - I am NOT a vegan but I have been in the past and in this episode I will share my experience, the research I've done into it and who are the benefits and risks of eating this way.

I will also share with you where the vegan diet came from and how I would approach becoming vegan if I wanted to do it for ethical and moral reasons. Also, who REALLY shouldn't go vegan...





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Have you ever thought that you need to do something BIG and SEXY in order to sort out you health? You know, run a marathon or remove every single food group from your diet?

Well you don't and this week in the podcast I am sharing with you the THREE things you can do that are small shifts but yield BIG results.

One is around what to eat, one is a lifetsyle shifts that research shows will transform your health and one is a mindset shift I would LOVE you to make in 2019.



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Want to know how I create one healthy happy year? Find yourself sucked in by resolution that don't last and that don't mean anything? Then I am sharing my seasonal 2 part process that I used to plan out the year - one season at a time.
Plus I get vulnerable (when an I not!!) with my own goals and desires for this year and this cycle.

Resources mentioned:

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The Seasonal Planning Process

Step 1: Questions
  • What do we want to do more of?
  • What do we want to do less of?
  • What is our focus for winter? 
  • What are our goals for winter?
  • What beliefs or mindsets do we need to let go of?
  • How are we going to grow spiritually in winter?
  • What help do we need to do the above?
Step 2: Get Practical!
  1. Break down the information above into task and actions. Write them in a list.
  2. Then put a time and date for when you will do them over the next 3 months.
  3. Then remember to set a date to repeat this process in the next season!

After working one on one with women (and some men - hey men!) over the past 5 years I have noticed some common threads and learned some BIG lessons. Despite every client I work with be totally unique and requiring a unique plan of action - there are common issues I address time and time again. 


So in this podcast, I am sharing the top 10 lessons learned from my online nutrition clinic. From mindset trick, to what to eat or not eat - click above to listen!




It is no secret round here that I LOVE Christmas. The food, the sparkles, the lounging around in you PJ's after wintery walks - bliss. But what isn't fun is feeling like a big whale or beating yourself up constantly for every mince pie or Twiglet you eat....

So this week I am sharing my 3 strategies for helps you ENJOY your food this Christmas without feeling like a fat failure.

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This week on the podcast I am giving you ALL the goss about life post partum! Think of this episode as a life update where I am sharing the juicy details about:


  • my body 8 week after a baby, the weight gained and how I feel about it
  • 5 things I am loving right now
  • The highs and lows of being a new mum


I am also letting you know more about my 5-Day Mindset Reset Program that is kicking off 1st December. And for one time only it is FREE to join when you purchase the Eat & Be Merry recipe eBook!


In this live online program I am going to share with you the 5 pillars to transforming your relationship with FOOD and you body so that you can truly eat and be merry this festive season.


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